Friday, January 2, 2009

Not Extinct

I dread cleaning up after Christmas.

I hate having to put away all the ridiculous lights and breakable objects, load them all back into boxes, and get them up the ladder into the attic. It's a pain in the butt to put it lightly. Usually I make plans to be out of the house the day after new years in order to avoid this irritating and painful annual chore.

This morning I was the only one home.

I climbed up the allergen-covered ladder to the attic and began to throw boxes down to the floor. Behind the boxes was a surprise!!!


How awesome! I totally didn't know my attic contained such wonders. I hauled it out and spent the next hour covering its holes with duck tape, vaccuuming the cover, and scrubbing it with Resolve.

Can anyone say--"Happy College Student?"

Bean bag chairs are magic for dorm rooms. They stow in a corner and can be dragged out for visitors or intense chill time.

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Kite said...

Dannyel!!!! I so miss your face!!! I'm going to fly to you so i can sit in your bean bag chair with all of your dinosaurs.