Thursday, December 18, 2008


Once Upon a Time in a far away kingdom under the sun and the trees there was a girl called Danny who was irate at having to grow into a boy's name but grew to love it anyway. Most girls dream of growing up to be a princess and marry a handsome prince and live in a castle in the clouds but Danny's dream was far different. She had no desire to become a princess or live in a castle. Instead, she wished to be an undercover pop star like Hannah Montana and live in a normal house but have a massive tour bus filled with guitars and glitter to take all over the country. No prince involved, just a lot of glitter. The more glitter the better!!!!

Glitter makes life FABULOUS!!!


Vivienne said...

I LOVE glitter!! And anything that sparkles really.

So there IS a lot of stuff that bugs you, what do you mean by trans-atlantic accents? (Hopefully I dont' have one...) and why does chewing annoy you?
I'm with you on the loud noises and messy eaters. What about rude people?

Kite said...

silly girl...I want to be Hannah Montana.