Thursday, December 18, 2008


Once Upon a Time in a far away kingdom under the sun and the trees there was a girl called Danny who was irate at having to grow into a boy's name but grew to love it anyway. Most girls dream of growing up to be a princess and marry a handsome prince and live in a castle in the clouds but Danny's dream was far different. She had no desire to become a princess or live in a castle. Instead, she wished to be an undercover pop star like Hannah Montana and live in a normal house but have a massive tour bus filled with guitars and glitter to take all over the country. No prince involved, just a lot of glitter. The more glitter the better!!!!

Glitter makes life FABULOUS!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 Awesomenesses

I am going above and beyond.

5 Highly annoying aspects of my character

1. When I am angry I am sarcastic and mean instead of handling my problems level headedly.
2. A LOT of things irritate me.
3. I can't stand small children.
4. I love attention.
5. I stereotype people which is bad because I tend to defy the stereotypes myself.
(6.) I have dry skin!!!!! AGH!
(7.) I get angry when my roommate gets phone calls/texts and I do not.

5 Awesomenesses of Danny

1. I take GREAT photos.
2. I have a decent amount of influence in my social realm.
3. I don't hold grudges, I am very understanding and forgiving.
4. I tell people when they're awesome.
5. I can cook some pretty dang AWESOME coconut lime chicken and rice.
6. I am impulsive in a good way.
7. I like tattoos.
8. I try not to gossip because I know it happens about me and I'm not a fan.
9. I share very easily.
10. I can be quite hilarious.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Warm Weight

I took three hard boiled eggs out of the pot yesterday and held them against my cheek.

They were smooth and warm and hard.

It made me miss summer when I can pick up smooth stones and set them in the sun for a few hours, then lay them hot on my back and the backs of my knees

Once you get past the burning flesh, the sensation and relaxation is simply marvelous.

I also like sleeping under heavy blankets even in the summer.

It's delicious.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 things

12 things that have happened in the last 24 hours

1. Went to sleep at one am this morning. Not really a wise choice but I have a social life.

2. Woke up at four am to turn the light OFF which my friend had left ON and discovered that I had text messages awaiting me. Who in the world texts between the hours of one and four am?!??!

3. Looked in the mirror and wondered if I should return to my old ways and perhaps wear make-up. I did not succumb to temptation. I washed my face and put on the usual foundation and mascara and was completely satisfied.

4. Stayed up until one am talking about God with a boy. I swear, those are the best nights.

5. Nearly fell out of my chair when my phone startled me at dinner.

6. Wet shoes. I hate rain.

7. Listened to rap music for the first time in three years.

8. Realized that my friend's birthday was more than a month ago and her birthday card is still sitting on my desk.

9. Finished the last of my homework for the entire semester.

10. Thought about quail.

11. Learned that one of my more shy friends not only sings very loudly in the shower, but also quite well.

12. Wished I could find a cute Japanese pencil case like Faith's. It's pink and has clouds patterned on it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Speech class

I gave my last speech today. I just had to tell a story. I told about a conversation I heard between two girls one day.

Girl from Farm Country: Where I live is really great! We have five hundred acres, cows, and horses, two ponds, chickens, ducks, two barns, lots of pasture, and an orchard...

Girl from City: What kind of animal is an ORCHARD?

I love giving speeches. I got a 49/50 points.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I keep a notebook of compliments people give me. This might seem vain (maybe it is) but sometimes it's nice to go back and read them and remember time someone loved you. One of my favorites came from one of my managers at work. She's a very serious older lady who is usually heard complaining; but on this day I was wearing a short linen dress with a pattern of lemons on it, dark blue tights, and an assortment of shiny jewelry. She looked me up and down. I was a little worried for a moment.

"Danny," she said, "you look like some kind of Garden Fairy."

Monday, December 8, 2008

Different? Howso?

There is a boy I've had my watch on since the beginning of the year simply because he has the kind of charisma that attracts my watch. He'd spoken to me once (to ask about my name) but nothing other than that.

Then yesterday he came to me and said, "May I be perfectly honest with you, Danny?"

"Yes." I said because what else would someone say in that sort of situation.

"I think you have the best style of any girl I know." he said.

The conversation following was probably what would be considered the beginning of a friendship, I suppose but the opening lines were what made me wonder.

I went back to my room and looked at my clothes. I don't see anything about them that is any different from anything another girl of my age and society might wear. Jeans, cardigans, t-shirts, jackets, polo shirts. Nothing extraordinary.

What does he see that I do not?

Saturday, December 6, 2008


My name is Danny. Not Danielle, Daniella, Danni, Danice, Danita, Danya, or Danalyn. Just Danny with a "y". Just like the boy's name. Except that most boys named Danny are also named Daniel. I am not Daniel because even that sounds more femenine than Danny.

I used to hate my parents for giving me a boys name but since I was about sixteen I grew to like it. I find that it has come to define me.

I go to university.

I love McFly. Just like every other girl.

My life is always full of strange and wonderful adventures which I intend to chronicle here.