Friday, April 24, 2009

Banquet Night at School and all that Ensued

1. I got out of class at one, helped decorate the J.W. Center
2. Cleaned the stairs in my dorm because they were DIIIIIRRRRRTY.
3. Worked my magic on the hair of two of my friends
4. Fell down the stairs.
5. Made my hair stand on end. (Faux Hawk Style)
6. Put on my friend's dress (I didn't want to wear any of my own)
7. Jumped into Greg's car and drove to the park to take photos
8. Back to the J.W. Center.

9. Surprised Meggie with a camera.

10. This is my date to banquet. His name is Chuck Henry. In this photo he is rawkin' my aviators.
11. Posed for a million photos
12. Fell in love with Mollie's oh-so-'80's blue dress, as well as her face, as well as her...everything, as well as her boyfriend's ducktape suit jacket.
14. Took a picture with Robbie who is practically my twin only a foot and a half taller.
15. MMMM!!!! The highlight of my evening. My favorite friend in the dorm, and my lovely hunk of a date.
16. Watched a scandelous movie
I wore:
greenish dress
spikey hair
plaid chuck taylors
lots of bracelets
blackbird necklace
circle and dots wrist tattoo
LOTS of make-up

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