Sunday, December 14, 2008

Warm Weight

I took three hard boiled eggs out of the pot yesterday and held them against my cheek.

They were smooth and warm and hard.

It made me miss summer when I can pick up smooth stones and set them in the sun for a few hours, then lay them hot on my back and the backs of my knees

Once you get past the burning flesh, the sensation and relaxation is simply marvelous.

I also like sleeping under heavy blankets even in the summer.

It's delicious.


Anonymous said...

Hello you, thanks for your luck wishes on the interview!! :)
The stones thing sounds great, isn't that some sort of massage therapy as well. Must try that out.

Anonymous said...

Hello there sunshine! I've tagged you (AND I have made sure that otehr people know how you like your name spelled ;)

Game - pros and cons about yourself?
I keep seeing meme's (don't know what that is so I've just called it game on my blog) on other people's blogs. You tag each other and it's so much fun. So I'm going to try one out myself! Hopefully it'll work! So here goes.

Tell me three good things about yourself and three bad things about yourself. Post it on your own blog and tag people. So this way I will get to know your good and bad traits! :)

1 - I'm a great listener.
2 - I'm quite funny.
3 - I don't judge people.

1 - Bad temper (at times).
2 - I don't like people touching my things....
3 - I am easy to tease.

I am tagging the following people:

Hektiklyfe -

Moments Define Life -

Danny (with a Y can I just add :) -

Notes of the Everyday Housewife -

Reduce Footprints -

Now, any others I haven't tagged is because I'm not quite sure whether you'd like this game in general (as I've never seen meme's on your blogs) or where I'm sure you'd hate it - like AV :)

Kite said...

mmm. hard boiled eggs. hot, with butter and salt and pepper. delicious!