Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 Awesomenesses

I am going above and beyond.

5 Highly annoying aspects of my character

1. When I am angry I am sarcastic and mean instead of handling my problems level headedly.
2. A LOT of things irritate me.
3. I can't stand small children.
4. I love attention.
5. I stereotype people which is bad because I tend to defy the stereotypes myself.
(6.) I have dry skin!!!!! AGH!
(7.) I get angry when my roommate gets phone calls/texts and I do not.

5 Awesomenesses of Danny

1. I take GREAT photos.
2. I have a decent amount of influence in my social realm.
3. I don't hold grudges, I am very understanding and forgiving.
4. I tell people when they're awesome.
5. I can cook some pretty dang AWESOME coconut lime chicken and rice.
6. I am impulsive in a good way.
7. I like tattoos.
8. I try not to gossip because I know it happens about me and I'm not a fan.
9. I share very easily.
10. I can be quite hilarious.


Kite said...

You do NOT share easily. Remember the pommegranate? That is fruit MADE to share.

And he actually is cute. He has nice freckles and likes the Hebrew on my arm and all the varied pieces of metal in my ear. Plus--he's going to be a pastor. Cool friend much?

Vivienne said...

Waht irritates you? (I have to agree with the small children thing...they bug me too)

Coconut lime chicken and rice....yummmmm