Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I keep a notebook of compliments people give me. This might seem vain (maybe it is) but sometimes it's nice to go back and read them and remember time someone loved you. One of my favorites came from one of my managers at work. She's a very serious older lady who is usually heard complaining; but on this day I was wearing a short linen dress with a pattern of lemons on it, dark blue tights, and an assortment of shiny jewelry. She looked me up and down. I was a little worried for a moment.

"Danny," she said, "you look like some kind of Garden Fairy."


Kite said...

if you'd ever come visit me..."E" does = Unconventional boy. E also =MC^2. haha. you would probably like him i think.

garden fairy. haha. haha.

Vivienne said...

ahhh bless her that's cute!
i think the keeping the compliment diary is quite a good idea. i think i might do that. i got shouted at on the bus this morning and i'm still thinking of it so wouldn't be bad to deviate those thoughts by reading a compliemnht someone gave me