Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Industrial Bar

I did it. I sucked it up and performed an industrial piercing on myself using a g10 stainless steel piercing needle and a lot of hydrogen peroxide. Afterward I thought about putting hoops in the new piercings but refrained because the posts are curved and putting curved posts in new piercings tends to be not only unpleasant, but bloody and painful. Ew. Sooo....I left the needle in the piercing for several days to give it a chance to heal. Once the swelling went down I went to my local tattoo place and purchased a g14 stainless steel industrial bar. I want to find a wooden one. My friend has one and it is simply beautiful. My dear cousin Kite was with me when I finally got around to replacing the needle with the actual bar. I had to swap it for my g12 piercing earrings before I could actually get the g14 bar through both holes. But dare I say, with minimal pain and only slight amounts of blood, I now have a lovely metal bar through the top of my ear. My ninth piercing. WOOHOO!!! Two more planned...but who knows what will happen.

Why are needles so addictive? I mean, I know why scientifically...but whatever possesses us to think that sticking a needle through our skin might actually be a good idea? *shrugs*

Ten Awesome Names I Have Given Animals
1. Norma Jean (beta fish)
2. Jemima (beige rat)
3. Chuck (beta fish)
4. Cyrus (snake)
5. Prometheus (tarantula)
6. Hermes (siamese cat)
7. Delia (beta fish)
8. Stanley (beta fish)
9. Roger (mouse)
10. Melissa (turtle)

Seven Stupid Names Other People Have Given Animals
1. Buddy (i have wittnessed this name on three hamsters and four dogs)
2. Buster (again, two dogs and a cat)
3. Bruiser (dog, what does that even mean?)
4. Fluffy (i actually know a cat which bears this label)
5. Cleo 1-9 (my sister's nine goldfish...they all had the same name)
6. Blackie, Whitie, and Brownie (three hamsters. guess what colors they were)
7. Cocoa (a chocolate lab...that's original)

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Genevieve said...

My two boring piercings suddenly turned into 6 over the course of a month... and the incredible desire for more piercings and at least one tattoo. Hi, my name is Gen - and I'm a painaholic?

My family dog is called Milly, which is okay I guess. I wanted to call her Lennon. And since it's quite rare for a pet's name to be read before heard, I guess it could be both Lennon and Lenin, depending on whichever mood you're in.