Saturday, March 28, 2009

SPRING BREAK!!!! before and after

10 Things I Did Over Spring Break

1. Drank honeydew bubble tea
2. Went to community college art class
3. Walked five miles up a hill
4. Got lost...twice
5. Took the bus
6. Drove my Jeep (Joe)
7. Spent more than an hour in the bead store
8. Spent a long time looking at Burton snowboard jackets
9. Made lasagna completely from scratch right down to the pasta
10. Fought with my elder sister

Post spring break

1. I have a friend whose boyfriend is a pro snowboarder. He is sponsored by Burton and gets her all of this awesome Burton wear which is stylish, functional, warm, and makes me obscenely jealous. I spent a long time in the Burton store back home wishing that I had money to buy a stylish, functional, warm jacket to replace the one I have with only 60g insulation. I recieved a massive donation the day before I came back to school. #1 thing on my mind: ha--Burton Snowboard Jacket. I got online and bought this little beauty.
I should probably have put the money toward my school bill or something buuuuut I am transferring schools next year and going up north to an institute in the mountains. I'm excited but my 60g jacket and peacoat will not cut the wintry tempetures. This baby has a slew of pockets, 100g insulation, powderskirt, faux fur lined, fitted, stylish, etc,etc,etc. LOVE!!!
2. My elder sister's name is Elsa. She is almost as stylish as me. Recently, she cut her hair short...shorter than mine. So--I, being the competitive, annoying younger sister, got out my scissors last night and gave myself a pixie cut....realizing this morning that it's almost the exact pixie cut that Elsa has.
3. I am wrapping up application to my next school. My admissions counselour was an awesome Mexican guy named Steve who is funny, has a cute girlfriend, and played soccer with orphans in El Salvador over spring break. Somehow this changed. I got a call from the school this week to ask me a question about something and it was not Awesome was a former friend of mine who I haven't spoken to in several weeks....AWKWARD. Even more awkward-- he called me again the next day to tell me that I had been accepted....yeah--awkward. I want Steve back.
4. Spring is springing and my allergies might kill me.
5. I've been teaching a few of my friends how to Irish Dance. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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