Monday, March 2, 2009

Class From 12-1: boys, mail, green, facial hair, swearing, sex, and wasted beauty.

Twenty-eight observations

1. There are no boys on this college campus who are good enough for me.

2. There are four boys just in this class who are in desperate need of a hair cut.

3. The system puts junk mail in my box far too often. This is irritating beyond imagination because I get excited over "mail" when usually it is just a reminder that the bookstore is having a sale on greeting cards.

4. Wool coats seem to have a way of attracting golden retrievers and attaching to their fur. It's worse than burdocks.

5. Scantron quizzes are better than any other kind based on three things: 1) They are always T/F or multiple choice. 2) They are easy to guess on. 3) The profs grade them quickly.

6. The girl in front of me looks really pale in green.

7. She recently dyed her hair darker brown and I really don't feel that it looks wonderful on her.

8. I think that I am allergic to the third earring in my left ear.

9. There is old gum stuck under my desk and it's kind of grossing me out.

10. My green Roxy hoodie (which I am wearing) has milk on the sleeve and needs to be washed. Unfortunate, right? Laundry here costs an arm and a leg!

11. My Nalgene bottle is BPA free!

12. Keagan is sitting next to me.

13. Keagan is wearing a blue shirt.

14. Keagan is trying to grow facial hair.

15. Keagan is proving unsuccessful.

16. My pink nail polish from two weeks ago is almost completely gone.

17. It really bothers me when people swear for no reason. I swear to be funny or to make a point and only around certain people. Swearing for no reason is just sound pollution.

18. I have eaten nothing but fruit and milk all day.

19. My prof talks about sex way too much. Some of us are trying to keep clean minds here, dude. We don't want to hear it.

20. My great-aunt sent me a box full of chocolate chips and peppermints. I am not sure if there was supposed to be significance to this or not.

21. The dean of women wants have a chat with me tomorrow....(Perhaps this is more of a mis-observation because I can't figure out what I did wrong!)

22. There is a chunk missing out of the side of the black board. It makes me wonder how it happened. Was my prof throwing things around or did he get hungry...? Great mystery of the world, right.

23. White walls put me to sleep.

24. Ryan (two seats over from me) has very nice arms. He should wear short sleeves more often.

25. The green-shirt-girl's earrings are all spaced exactly the same distance apart. This is not appealing to my eyes. That's what she gets for having them done by a professional instead of an artist.

26. White snow puts me to sleep.

27. I stopped listening to my prof when he started talking about sex...again.

28. The guy across the room from me is actually more beautiful than a lot of girls I know. For real, he is measureably beautiful. He has massive, thick amounts of dark, durly hair, piercing brown eyes with insanely long, thick lashes, lips that look like michaelangelo sculpted them, daaang and his legs....don't even get me started. He has nice arms too, by the way. It's sad that so much beauty is wasted on a boy.

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