Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New York City

I just returned from my trip to New York City yesterday. The trip kind of fused with my Spring Break.

What a place. It was only my second trip there and I stand amazed at the sheer number of people and the general intensity of every aspect of life. It was pretty freaking sweet. I trawled through Fifth Ave....and drooled a lot over the simply glorious amount of clothing. Anthropology, Free People, Juicy Couture....oh dang oh dang oh dang....so many places to spend the money I do not have.

Alright, so the reason I went to New York was not to empty my wallet (or my bank account). The reason I went was for a photography project for one of my classes. It was a blast and a half.
One thing that I have learned from this class:
You do not have to be a good photographer to make a good picture. All you need is good photo editing software. I am posting some of my finds to show off my trip. ha.

This is not the best photo, but I loved it because it struck a chord for us bass players everywhere!

Can you say PINK BIKE!!!! HECK YES!!!!
Whoever Mitar and Skippy are, I have deep admiration both for having names like that and for having their love eternally graven into the railing in Central Park.I loved the ornate building housing a business where one might find anything you could want. Turkish food, magazines, and Marlboros.
Myself by the Metro elevator.Myself standing before the city bustle. It had been raining and my hair is no longer straight, but I am still a pretty darn good looking person. We're set!


Anonymous said...

had fun. now i wanna go even more!

Genevieve said...

I am so extremely jealous of you right now! I know that I've never even set foot in NYC, but I am already in love with it.