Monday, February 23, 2009

Ben and Jerry's

My friend brought me a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream the other day. It was the most inspiring ice cream ever. It was called Whirled Peace and had chocolate peace signs in it. It was delicious.

I had a dream that my friend Melissa came to visit me and I got my extra bed out and made up real nice and just after she came my sister popped in to stay the night too with her entire softball team. I wound up staying in my tiny dorm room with fifteen other girls plus my roomies. It only needed soul suckers, or someone peeling away pieces of my flesh, or gremlins to make it into a nightmare.

10 unfortunate things that have happened in the last six days

1. I screwed up my thumb while sledding.
2. I finished drawing my chrysalis for my tattoo--this would be great news except I do not have anything to draw on now.
3. My NTS professor decided to sing to us before class.
4. I was informed that dead bodies are as stiff as a 2x4.
5. I rescrewed my thumb while jumping down the stairs last night.
6. When I got dressed this morning I put on navy tights and black chucks. That turns me into an automatic fashion disaster.
7. My khaki pants are all dirty so I have to wear skirts for the rest of the week until I go home and do laundry.
8. Margarine.
9. My roommate put her bed on an incline.
10. She also stacked two desks on top of each other.

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