Thursday, February 26, 2009

Turned on by Scent...this seems a little like highschool biology...

I have a friend who wears a musk cologne which, I admit, I find freakishly attractive. He's a pretty daaaarn good looking guy to begin with, and he dresses nice but when he wears that cologne I feel like I am completely drawn to him. I just want to bury my face in his neck and inhale for a few hours. It is an almost animal attraction which seems a bit disgusting if you think about it too much. Yesterday I was trying to take an exam when I caught the scent of someone (i think it was the guy next to me) wearing a similar musk and it literally made my mouth water.

Ten things which I find freakishly attractive in a male:

1. Not too tall. Taller than me (i am only 5'2") but no taller than six foot.

2. Nice clothes. I cannot stand the t-shirt/jeans combination. It does nothing for me. I think that the most attractive thing I have ever seen on a guy was when my friend wore a brown sweater over a purple, paisley button up (unbuttoned at the top) and dark blue skinny jeans. It was hott!!!!!

3. Nice arms. (drool) this includes the fact that they should not be too hairy. That's gross.

4. Well designed, well executed, artful, meaningful tattoos. These are the kind with a story and an artist behind them and oh my goodness....they win.

5. Intelligence--I like boys who are smarter than me. Which is rough because I am a smart girl. I am one of those nerds who like school and am persuing a doctorate degree. Yeah--finding guys is rough.

6. Guys who drink tea turn me on. Tea is frustratingly attractive.

7. Aviator sunglasses. Maybe it's because I wear them and I ROCK them that it drives me crazy when guys can do the same.

8. When they are fun to drive with. Moderately safe is usually appreciated. I like when his car smells good. I have one friend whose car always smells like peppermint Altoids. It is delicious. He also takes detours and talks with his hands while he drives. A diverse taste in music is also appreciated. I love hearing Flyleaf one minute and Jackson 5 the next. When a guy can keep me entertained and enjoying myself while he is driving, that is a MAJOR turn on.

9. Health conscious but not obsessive. I can deal with obsessive so long as he can deal with my french fry indulgences.

10. Freckles. These beautiful flecks of pigmentation are simply the sexiest thing I have ever seen. They instantly captivate me.


Genevieve said...

I swear, boys at my school have only just discovered that they have feet - there's no way they're even onto deodorant yet.

Linda S. Socha said...

Great List Fun post...The no hairy arms could present a challenge:>)

Kite said...

Ugh--your fetishes in a list!