Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seven Dollars

Yesterday I found seven dollars in the pocket of my jeans.

Ten Things a College Student Can Do With Seven Dollars

1. Buy two medium vegetarian pizzas from Dominos using the double discount I get from being a college student and sending Laura (who works there) to pick them up.
2. Insert into tattoo jar and do not touch again until July.
3. One and a half loads of laundry.
4. Admission for the spring play on two nights.
5. Buy two medium caramel machiatto coffees at the campus cafe or two mint frappechinos at the Starbucks at the bottom of the hill.
6. Buy post-it notes and Bic Mark-it pens.
7. Garnier Fructis fiber gum putty and hair spray
8. Enough earrings to give all of the ones I have in a break for a while....maybe I could make all of my hoops match instead of having some silver, some gold and all different sizes.
9. Pay Brit back for gas from when she took me up to see E last week...hmm...
10. Dinner for myself at Panera Bread.

number one is out--I do not eat pizza after nine o'clock and that is the time my super discount starts.
number two is valid
number three is out--I hate the wash machines here.
number four is valid because I actually get free admission at least once so it might not even take my entire seven dollars.
number five is out--I'm trying not to drink coffee.
number six is out because I just bought new drawing pens so I cannot justify spending more money on markers.
number seven....I'll keep using Kate's
number eight is very valid. It irritates me to no end that my hoops do not match when I wear them.
number nine........that one's probably my best choice. She did do me a huge favor and drove me eight hours.
number ten is delicious.

What would you do with seven dollars?

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