Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If I Have to Behave, So Do You!

There is a girl in one of my writing classes who I simply cannot take seriously. She over analyzes simply things and does not think deeply enough about things that actually have meaning. She takes simile and metaphor absolutely seriously.

I was sitting in this particular class on Monday night, trying to stay occupied because it is a three hour class and I was sitting next to my prof. But you must know--I love my prof. This girl, though, made a comment about one of the things which we have read and she had taken a metaphor absolutely seriously. The ridiculousness of her statement caused me to cover my face with my textbook so that she wouldn't see that I was laughing hysterically. My prof hit me on the knee with the back of her hand and tried to stifle a smile, scribbling a note to me on the corner of her notes. Danny, if I have to behave, so do you.

I asked my roommate the other day how many of our profs she thought had tattoos. Neither of us know of any for sure but seriously--there must be some. I have a wager on that my perfectly fabulous Monday night writing prof has a tramp stamp and that the dean of women has a rose on her ankle.

I found out a few years back that my pastor actually has a Mickey Mouse on his ankle. Interesting. People continuously surprise me.

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